Personalised 60th Birthday Gifts

If you want an original gift to celebrate a 60th birthday, then check out our range of personalised 60th birthday gifts. Each one has been specially selected. The list includes everything from engraved glasses and photo frames, to fun ideas like personalised classic novels and grow your own football pitches! Take your time and take your pick!
  1. Personalised Beer
  2. Personalised Glass Tea Cup - Any Message
  3. Engraved Glass Beer Tankard - Birthday
  4. Engraved Measures Whisky Tumbler
  5. Personalised Rustic Photo Frame - Any Message
  6. Personalised Flute - Prosecco Queen
  7. Personalised Flute - It's Prosecco O'clock
  8. Personalised Engraved Pint Glass - Name & Year
  9. Personalised Rustic Photo Frame - Script Message Photo 2
  10. Personalised Bottle / Decanter Label Tag Photo 2
  11. Personalised Wooden Photo Frame - Any Message Photo 3
  12. Personalised Tankard - Any Message
  13. Engraved Cufflink Box
  14. Personalised Pint Glass - Definition Message
  15. Personalised Premium Hi Ball Glass
  16. Personalised Beer Pint Glass - Classic Badge
  17. Personalised Blue Lighter
  18. Personalised Pink Water Bottle - Any Initial & Name