Halloween To-Do List for Families

Halloween To-Do List for Families

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We have compiled our favourite kid’s Halloween activities for your little monsters to enjoy. Our Halloween to-do list has everything to make it a spooktacular event and we have plenty of fun projects and games to play, just print it out and pin it up this autumn.

Personalised Gifts Shop Halloween To-Do List

We have created a simple list you can print off, so you can have a spooktacular Halloween. Pop it up in your house and tick off all the activities you can fit in this October. To help you tick off some fun activities, download our Halloween pack for designs, recipes and game ideas.

If you have young children or don’t like getting messy with the guts of your pumpkin, we have some no carve pumpkin decorating ideas, they’re simple to do yet spooky! All you need is some real or fake pumpkins, various paints, brushes, pens and googly eyes.

Halloween Film List

To get you into the Halloween spirit, we have complied our favourite Halloween films, we have chosen scary movies for kids that are hopefully not too scary for adults! So grab the popcorn, hot chocolate and settle into a movie night.

Parkin Recipe

For a taste of autumn and Halloween, why not make a traditional Parkin cake. This is the make-ahead sweet treat for Halloween, get the kids involved and have some fun decorating it with icing if you wish. Don’t forget with this delicious cake, the longer you keep it the better it tastes.

Halloween Games

There are plenty of fun games you can play this Halloween. We have chosen some family favourites and given them a Halloween twist. Have a go at pin the spider on the web and closest to the centre wins, or how about a terrifying treasure hunt? You can play wrap the mummy to scary music and much more.

Halloween Music Playlist

If you’re having a party or just want something fun to be playing when trick or treaters come round, check out our Halloween Playlist. Create an eerie atmosphere with these monstrous and spooky songs.

Download the party pack for all the ideas, designs and templates.

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