Top 10 Summertime Essentials

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Easter has come and gone and everyone in the office is starting to look out of the window, ready for some signs that summer is on its way. So we thought it would be a great time to look at our top ten summer essentials for 2016. And the trends that are going to make your summer super-hot, no matter what the temperature outside.

  1. The Coolest Glass

If there is one trend that we really want to embrace this year it’s the cooler. Gone are fruit smoothies and veggie blends that taste as bad as they look. This summer is going to be all about drinks over the ice. And we can’t wait.

Whether it’s virgin or full of your favourite spirt, the cooler is this season’s drink. And it can only be drunk out of your own Personalised Summertime Cooler Glass.

Personalised Summertime Cooler Glass

Look on the internet for favourite recipes or make something up yourself as you go along. It’s a great theme for a full blown garden party or for drinks for one. When the best trends are something we call all enjoy, you don’t want to be the one left out.

  1. The Best Summer Treat

After all the hoo-ha over the dairy free diet, it’s great to see that cheese is making a comeback. And what better place to show it off than with your own personalised slate cheeseboard. If you’re having a BBQ for friends and you don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen creating a range of different deserts, cheese makes the ideal alternative.

Cheese Makes it Better Personalised Slate Cheeseboard

As the flames go down bring out a fully stocked cheeseboard and a good bottle of port and watch every body start to chill. It’s the perfect way to take the evening down a notch and create an event that no one will forget.

  1. The Must Have Accessory

Whether you are hitting the beach or just heading to the park, one thing that will never be in fashion is the ill prepared woman. So make sure you have everything you need in your own personalised canvas bag.

Personalised Canvas Bag

Sticking with the environmentally friendly theme that has perpetuated through the spring, a bag like this is going to be kind to the planet but keep you looking great.

The canvas dries quickly from all those damp towels and cosies. But there’s plenty of space for all your other bits and bobs to ensure you are always fully equipped. And if you get an unexpected invitation for a quick drink, with this level of style, you can take your bag anywhere.

  1. The BBQ Essential

There’s nothing worse than going to a Bar-b-que party and seeing the meat all piled high on a kitchen plate and then expecting the guests to dive in. It looks unappealing and it means all the different flavours from the varying foods are all mixed together.

As with any type of cooking, presentation is key to a successful summer event, which is why any good chef will have their own personalised bamboo board.

Personalised Bamboo Board

Bamboo is naturally antiseptic, meaning you can use this board for cooked or raw meats. And everything that’s placed on it is going to look good enough to eat.

Even if your favourite BBQ cooker is still a chef in training. At least with this fabulous gift, they’re going to look the part.

  1. The Ultimate Cooker

Though most of us can’t feed our guests from our own garden pizza stove in the style of Jamie Oliver, by having the right equipment, you can easily get the same effect.

For a quick and easy way to feed hungry guests, or just make the most of a nice summers evening, use a personalised pizza stone to create something delicious to eat.

Personalised Pizza Stone

Simply make up a quick dough, or cheat and buy one pre-prepared from your local supermarket. Then add any toppings you choose. Let your imagination go wild. Combine meats and vegetables or go for the sweet option.

The pizza then sits on the stone to cook as well as if Jamie had done it himself. It is then presented on the coordinating rack for a really authentic look.

It’s a great way to take alfresco eating to the next level. And, if you make the pizzas yourself, they won’t hinder your bikini style when the time comes.

  1. The Perfect Way to Cook

When you’ve got a whole host of guests coming over to catch some rays, it doesn’t have to be panic stations in the kitchen. Most guests are there to enjoy your company rather scrutinise what you serve to them to eat. So keep your catering simple and you can spend more time having fun.

If you’ve got a blender, there are some incredibly easy ways to whip up a good dip. Guacamole, homemade houmous and spicy salsa can all be made in seconds. Serve them on a slate serving tray with some fresh bread sticks or chopped up vegetables and you’re in for a real treat.

Personalised Serving Tray

Alternatively, make up some fruit kebabs and include a range of dipping sauces in the side dishes. Even if you’re home alone, this is going to go down really well.

  1. The Perfect Ingredient

Summer is the time for bounding about in the long grass and picking your own fruit fresh from the vine. But for those of us not trapped inside a poorly scripted chick flick, the daiquiri offers the perfect taste for summer.

With all things retro making a comeback, it’s no surprise that this summer’s cocktail hails from the sixties. But with lots of delicious fruit to keep up the five a day count, it’s an eye-catching drink that is perfect for the summer.

Obviously, not all of us have mixologist genes in our bones giving us the inspiration to make up our own cocktails, so a cocktail kit is the perfect way to make sure your drink hits the spot. And with a bag of complimentary popcorn included as standard, it’s an entire evening of entertainment, all rolled into one.

Personalised Daiquiri Cocktail Kit

  1. The Right Way to Nibble

Get this fabulous nibble holder set on the table and your snacks can look just as good as the main meal. It’s a great way to keep your guests from soaking up too much alcohol while they are waiting for their main dish. Or it’s the perfect way to add a little continental flavour if they are just round for drinks.

Rough Side Personalised Trio Nibble Holder

The rustic style of this set means that it is perfect for al fresco dining and entertaining outside. But even when you are on your own with your comfies on, it will turn the humble olive into a full blown tapas delight. It’s a perfect treat for all.

  1. The Brightest Idea

Walk into any trendy cocktail bar and you will see the delight on people’s faces when they get to drink out of a retro lightbulb glass. So why not enjoy the same sort of style at home.

Personalised Retro Light Bulb Glass

It’s a great way to give your cocktails a bit of a boost, or make any drink look extra special.

The screw top lid means there’s plenty of room for the straw to go down the middle. But there’s less chance of any little critters straying into your drink. And because of the flat base, each glass will sit in any room nicely, without the risks of drips and spills.

Give these to your friends when they come over, and they won’t be able to help but remark on your style. Before you know it, they will be ordering their own personalised glass. After all, you can’t keep a good idea down.

  1. The Natural Alternative

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a small box on your window sill or a full blown country garden, summer is a time to make sure all your outside areas are in perfect condition. With a little pampering and the right gardening tools, it’s easy to grow something special in any patch of mud, impressing anyone that visits.

Personalised Gardening Tools

Herbs, vegetables and even a few flowers will put a little extra spring in your step and add some much-needed sunshine to your kitchen. Start with really easy herbs such as mint or chives. They grow so prolifically you’ll probably want to keep them contained. But when you’ve got a boring potato or you want to add some freshness to some fruit, either will make a tantalising treat.

Once you’ve got the hand of it, the world is your oyster, and it won’t be long before you can grow all your own meals.

With a few of our essentials, 2016 is going to be a summer to remember, no matter what way the British Weather decides to turn.


Jane Traylor is the founder of Personalised Gifts Shop and writes regularly about unique gift ideas and useful event etiquette.

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