Personalised Sweets

The sweet-toothed among us will be in confectionery heaven when they unwrap their very own jar of personalised sweets! We have a magnificent selection of sweets in old fashioned screw-topped sweet jars and hampers, as well as tins, Victorian jars and more. Our sweet offering includes personalised mints, personalised boiled sweets, personalised bon-bon sweets and many, many more. Each is crammed to the top with scrumptious goodies - and they'll all belong to the person whose name appears on the label (but if you ask nicely, maybe they'll give you one!). Go on, put a smile on someone's face with one of our tasty jars of sweets!
  1. Personalised Retro Sweet Treat Jar - Egg-Cited for Easter
  2. Personalised Retro Sweets - Blue Birthday Jar
  3. Personalised Marshmallows Jar
  4. Personalised Retro Sweets - Classics Jar
  5. Personalised Retro Sweet Treat Jar - Me and You
  6. Personalised Retro Sweet Victorian Jar - Tree
  7. Personalised Retro Sweet Victorian Jar - Xmas Girl
  8. Personalised Love Heart Sweet Jar
  9. Personalised Mrs Teacher Owl Victorian Sweet Jar
  10. Personalised Sweet Jar -  For Kids
  11. Personalised Mint Tin - Man Flue
  12. He's One in A Million Personalised Victorian Sweet Jar
  13. A Massive Hug Personalised Glass Sweet Jar
  14. Senior Moment Personalised Mints
  15. Anti-Panic Personalised Mints
  16. Personalised Retro Sweets - Victorian Birthday Girl Jar
  17. Dad's Personalised Retro Sweet Treat Jar
  18. Personalised Mixed Retro Sweets Treat Jar