Personalised Sweets

The sweet-toothed among us will be in confectionery heaven when they unwrap their very own jar of personalised sweets! We have a magnificent selection of sweets in old fashioned screw-topped sweet jars and hampers, as well as tins, Victorian jars and more. Our sweet offering includes personalised mints, personalised boiled sweets, personalised bon-bon sweets and many, many more. Each is crammed to the top with scrumptious goodies - and they'll all belong to the person whose name appears on the label (but if you ask nicely, maybe they'll give you one!). Go on, put a smile on someone's face with one of our tasty jars of sweets!
  1. Festive Wreath Personalised Victorian Sweet Jar
  2. Snowman Personalised Victorian Sweet Jar
  3. Personalised Halloween Trick or Treat Sweet Jar
  4. Personalised Retro Sweet Treat Jar - Cartoon Reindeer
  5. Personalised Retro Sweets - Heart Message Jar
  6. Personalised Sweets Jar for Page Boys - Mr and Mrs Range
  7. Personalised Retro Sweet Treat Jar - Easter Egg Tree
  8. Personalised Jelly Beans Victorian Jar - Yellow Label
  9. Personalised Retro Sweets - Victorian Retro Jar
  10. Personalised Retro Sweets - Victorian Jar
  11. Personalised Retro Sweets - Retro Birthday Jar
  12. Hair Grow and Repair Personalised Mints
  13. Personalised Halloween Family Sweet Treat Jar
  14. Personalised Retro Sweets - Victorian Great British Jar
  15. Personalised Sweets Jar for Flower Girls - Mr and Mrs Range
  16. Personalised Retro Sweets - Victorian Retro Birthday Jar
  17. Personalised Classic Mints
  18. Personalised Retro Sweet Treat Jar - Bunny for Him