Personalised Confirmation Gifts

Being confirmed is an important rite of passage to anyone that holds their faith close to their hearts and our choice of personalised confirmation gifts reflects the significance of such a time. Each piece has been hand selected so that it is appropriate for either the Christian or Jewish celebration. Make your choice wisely, and you can create a time honoured gift that will generate lasting memories of this wonderful occasion.
  1. Personalised Confirmation Candle
  2. Personalised Ceramic Pen & Pencil Holder
  3. Personalised Footprints Candle - Pink
  4. Personalised Placemat - Rainbow
  5. Personalised Cross Glass Bauble - Message
    Personalised Cross Glass Bauble - Message
    Regular Price £9.99 Special Price £7.49
  6. Personalised Cross Glass Bauble Photo 2
    Personalised Cross Glass Bauble
    Regular Price £9.99 Special Price £7.49
  7. Personalised Message Card -  Church Design
  8. Personalised Confirmation YoYo
  9. Personalised Childrens Silver Yoyo
  10. Personalised Pillar Candle - Family Theme
  11. Personalised Ceramic Money Box - Cross Design
  12. Personalised Placemat & Coaster Set - Bear
  13. Personalised Pillar Candle - For Her
  14. Personalised Wooden Photo Frame - Cross Design Photo 3
  15. Personalised Wooden Photo Frame - Baby Footprints Photo 3
  16. Personalised Wooden Photo Frame - Butterfly Design
  17. Personalised Rustic Photo Frame - Cross Design
  18. Personalised Rustic Photo Frame - Star & Name