Personalised Valentines Gifts for Him

Let him know how much you care by selecting one of our personalised Valentine's Day gifts for him. Choose from the fun (a sexiest boyfriend pillow case, perhaps?), the edible (a Purple Ronnie chocolate bar - yummy!), the soppy (a cute little Love monster teddy - aaah!)... or if you're feeling very grown up, a bottle of special Valentine's malt whisky...?
  1. Personalised Love Envelope Keyring - For Him
  2. Personalised Oval Photo Keyring - Couples Names
  3. Personalised Red Wine - Puzzle Heart
  4. Personalised Rhodium Plated Rectangular Cufflinks
  5. Personalised Eco Reusable Steel Straw
  6. Personalised Bottle Cap Bottle Opener Keyring - Any Message
  7. Personalised Classic Definition Mug
  8. Personalised Real Men's Scratcher
  9. Personalised Old Fashioned Tumbler - My Measure
  10. Personalised Wallet Survival Tool
  11. Personalised Freezing Tankard - Initials
  12. Personalised Extendable Massager
  13. Personalised Wine Glass - Any Message
  14. Personalised Pint Beer Glass - Any Message
  15. Personalised Pint Beer Glass - Definition
  16. Personalised Pint Beer Glass - Stag Design
  17. Happy Man Wine Stopper
  18. Personalised Hammer - World's Greatest Photo 2