Personalised Keyring Flasks

These personalised key ring flasks are an ideal keepsake for any momentous event or occasion! For those moments where a little dutch courage is needed, these little keyring flasks are the ideal solution. The subtleness of these flasks mean they can live on a keyring and sit in your pocket or attached to your bag. To make things even better, we have a variety of colours and styles to choose from, so if you're looking for pink, black or silver hipflasks, we can help! You can add unique messaging too for that nice little touch.
  1. Personalised Moustache 1oz Hipflask Keyring
  2. Personalised Keep Calm 1oz Hipflask Keyring
  3. Personalised Age Crest 1oz Hipflask Keyring
  4. Personalised Swirl 1oz Hipflask Keyring
  5. Engraved Wedding Keyring Flask - Classic Bow Tie
  6. Personalised Keyring Flask - Keep Calm and Golf On
  7. Personalised Keyring Flask - Stars Design
  8. Personalised Keyring Flask - Sailing Boat
  9. Personalised Keyring Flask - Usher
  10. Personalised Keyring Flask - The Wedding
  11. Engraved Wedding Keyring Flask - Classic Frame Design
  12. Personalised Initial Black Keyring Flask
  13. Personalised Message Black Keyring Flask
  14. Personalised Message Pink Keyring Flask
  15. Engraved Classic Intials Pink Keyring Flask
  16. Engraved Elegant Initial Pink Keyring Flask
  17. Personalised Snowflake Pink Keyring Flask
  18. Adventurer Personalised Water Bottle