Personalised Cheese Boards

For the cheese lovers among us, we have the perfect customisable gift for you! Our personalised cheese boards are available in wood or slate and are fully personalisable to your taste. Many our cheese board sets come readily available with the required tools at hand to serve up the perfect platter of cheeses, whether it’s a night on the sofa, a small get together or a party with loved ones. Our cheese boards also come available in different shapes, including circular, love hearts, squares and rectangles. Additionally, some of our personalised cheese boards come with an undertray to store utensils!
  1. Initial Emblem Engraved Square Slate Cheese Board
  2. Love and Laughter Engraved Large Slate Cheese Board
  3. I know it's Cheesy Engraved Heart Slate Cheese Board
  4. Engraved Large Slate Cheese Board
  5. Personalised Heart Cheeseboard with Tools
  6. Heritage Wedding Engraved Round Cheeseboard Set
  7. Personalised Slate Cheese Board
  8. Personalised Large Cheese Board with Tools
  9. Engraved Heart Slate Cheeseboard - Vintage
  10. Engraved Heart Slate Cheeseboard - Message
  11. Engraved Cheese Board Set - Mr and Mrs
  12. Personalised Heart Slate Kitchen Board
  13. Engraved Mr and Mrs Heart Cheese Board Set - Decorative Wedding
  14. Persponalised Large Slate Kitchen Board - King
  15. Engraved Wooden Board - Couples Cheeseboard
  16. Personalised Square Slate Cheeseboard
  17. Engraved Large Rectangular Wooden Wedding Cheeseboard Set - Bride and Groom
  18. Personalised Heart Slate Board - Top Chef