Personalised Groom Gifts

On his special day, honour the groom with a thoughtful and personalised gift that reflects your love and appreciation. From sentimental keepsakes to practical accessories, our collection offers a wide range of unique groom gifts to celebrate his journey into married life.

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Whether you're seeking a heartfelt token for your forever partner or the ideal best man’s gift to the groom, our selection of personalised groom gifts has something for every taste and budget. Discover custom cufflinks, engraved hip flasks, and more, all designed to make his wedding day even more memorable.

What do I get a groom as a gift?


Finding the perfect gift for the groom on his wedding day can be a delightful challenge. As the man of the hour, he deserves something truly special that reflects his personality and interests. Consider a luxurious groom gift box, like a personalised Moet & Chandon champagne set or ale hamper, or a sentimental offering, such as a vows notebook set, where he can record his promises for a lifetime of love. If he's a dapper gentleman, a timeless gift like personalised groom cufflinks or a stylish "don't be late" engraved pocket watch can add a touch of class to his wedding day ensemble.

How much should I spend on a gift for a groom?


The amount you spend on groom gifts can vary depending on how close you are to them and your personal budget. When it comes down to it, what makes the best wedding gift for a groom is one with thought, affection and care behind it. To help you find the perfect present, we've curated a selection of groom gift ideas at various price points, from affordable practicality to all-out luxury.

Groom Gifts Under £20


Personalised Decorative Wedding Groom Cufflinks
Personalised Luxury Black Groom Hip Flask
Personalised Dark Brown Leather Wallet

Groom Gifts Under £50


Personalised Black Pocket Watch with Groom Top Hat
Personalised Wedding Vows Notebook Set
Personalised Luxury Ale Hamper

Groom Gifts Under £100


Personalised Moet Chandon Gift Set
Personalised Wedding Day Champagne Flutes

What is a traditional gift for a groom?


While there are no strict traditions when it comes to groom gifts, certain items have become timeless symbols of the occasion. Classic options like personalised cufflinks, an engraved hip flask, or an initialised lighter make thoughtful presents and cherished keepsakes for years to come. 


What does a bride give her groom as a gift?


As the bride, you have a unique opportunity to surprise your groom with a personal gift that celebrates your love and the beginning of your new journey together. A personalised vows notebook, where he can pen his heartfelt promises, or a silver-plated photo frame filled with cherished memories can be the perfect sentimental gift from the bride to her groom. If you want to treat them to a luxury option, consider a bottle of premium 12-year Macallan whisky with a personalised box.