Personalised Paperweights

Check our engraved paperweights if you're looking for a gift for someone who has a pile of messy papers, bills or 'things to do' lists on their desk (and we think that's pretty much all of us!). We have a range of diamond, silver-plated, glass and cut crystal paperweights, all of which can be engraved in an elegant typeface with the name of your choice, to create a lasting memento.
  1. Engraved His Lordship Glass Keepsake
  2. Engraved Her Ladyship Glass Keepsake
  3. Personalised Glass Block - Queen Bee 11
  4. Personalised Glass Keepsake - Flippin Fantastic Architect
  5. Personalised Wooden Keepsake - Mr and Mrs
  6. Christening Engraved Glass Keepsake
  7. Two Hearts Engraved Glass Keepsake
  8. Personalised Glass Block - First Communion 11
  9. Personalised Teacher's Wooden Keepsake - STOP
  10. Personalised Wooden Keepsake - Flowers Wreath
  11. Family Engraved Glass Keepsake
  12. Birthday Year Engraved Glass Keepsake
  13. Personalised Glass Block - Love Bubbles 11
  14. Personalised Wooden Dentist Keepsake - Creating Smiles
  15. Personalised Wooden Keepsake - Hearts Design
  16. Love Birds Engraved Glass Keepsake
  17. Thank You Engraved Glass Keepsake
  18. Personalised Female Glass Block - Decorative Wedding 11