Personalised Birthday Gifts for Kids

We guarantee that our personalised birthday gifts for kids will beat all other birthday gifts hands down. There's something extra special about seeing your own name on your birthday present! We have over 500 unusual and exciting gifts to choose from: everything from personalised money boxes and names frames, through colouring pencils and diaries to chocolates and sweetie jars...and all personalised.
  1. Personalised Desk Pen & Pencil Holder
  2. Personalised Water Bottle - Blue Name
  3. Personalised Blue Lighter
  4. Personalised Pink Water Bottle - Any Initial & Name
  5. Personalised Square Wooden Money Box - Ballerina
  6. Personalised Square Wooden Money Box - Teddy Bear
  7. Personalised Teddy Bear - Little Prince
  8. Personalised Keepsake Box & Drawer - Cross Design
  9. Personalised Children Breakfast / Dinner Plate
  10. Personalised Large Wooden Money Box - Rocket Design
  11. Personalised Wooden Heart Sign
  12. Personalised Ceramic Money Box - Tractor
  13. Personalised Clock for Football Fan
  14. Personalised White Wooden Money Box - Boat Design
  15. Personalised Kids Rolling Pin and Spoon Set - Heart Design
  16. Personalised Kids Hooded Fleece Robe - Blue
  17. Personalised Swim Bag - Boat
  18. Personalised Swim Bag - Penguin