Personalised Hi Ball Glasses

The personalised hi-ball glass is a bar essential in any home. Perfect for the perfect gin and tonic tipple or a long island iced tea, these glasses are a must have. A superb, thoughtful gift, the hi-ball glass is an excellent token of appreciation for any occasion throughout the year. We have a superb range of gift sets available with our gift sets to - customise your own hi-ball glasses today using our designs and your own messaging and have it accompanied with a small can of gin, rum, Pimms and more.
  1. Personalised Keep Calm G and T Hi Ball Glass
  2. Personalised Decorative Wedding Flower Girl Hi Ball Glass
  3. Personalised Decorative Wedding Page Boy Hi Ball Glass
  4. Personalised Hi-Ball Glass
  5. Personalised Hi Ball Glass - Message
  6. Engraved Stars Hi Ball Glass
  7. Engraved Hi Ball Glass - Wedding Male
  8. Engraved Hi Ball Glass - V & C O'Clock
  9. Engraved Hi Ball Glass - Wedding Swirl Design
  10. Engraved Hi Ball Glass - Shield Birthday Year
  11. Engraved Hi Ball Glass - G & T O'Clock
  12. Engraved Hi Ball Glass - G & T Swirl Design
  13. Engraved Hi Ball Glass - Star Streamer
  14. Engraved Hi Ball Glass - Keep Calm and Drink
  15. Personalised Hi Ball Glass - Classic Wedding
  16. Personalised Tall Vodka & Coke Glass
  17. Personalised Hi Ball Glass - Birthday
  18. Personalised Gin & Tonic Glass - Definition