Personalised Cake Tins

To all the baking lovers, we know you’re out there! So much so, we created this product range especially for you. Our superb range of personalised cake tins come in different shapes and sizes, including square tins, round tins, deep tins and shallow tins. These tins are ideal for keeping cakes fresh, so whether baking is your thing, or whether you or a friend are simply a fan of cakes, then these tins are the perfect personalised gift. All our tins come ready to house those delicious sweet treats, so there will be no more soggy bottoms to worry about! Get personalising today!
  1. Personalised Cakes Tin - Established
  2. Personalised Christmas Cake Storage Container - Sprinkles
  3. Personalised Square Kitchen Tin - Since…
  4. Personalised Square Floral Painted Style Cake Tin
  5. Personalised Cake Tin - Hers
  6. Personalised Storage Container - Smells of Christmas
  7. Personalised Square Sweets Tin
  8. Personalised Square Pink Biscuit Tin
  9. Personalised Yummy Cakes Tin
  10. Personalised Treats Tin
  11. Personalised Round Cake Tin - Bake Me Crazy
  12. Personalised Christmas Friutcake Storage Container
  13. Personalised Square Cake Tin - Established
  14. Personalised Square Christmas Pudding Cake Tin