Personalised Glass Blocks

Our stunning range of personalised glass blocks make wonderful presents for any occasion any even the occasional personalised paperweight. These delightfully crafted crystal tokens catch the light beautifully and will act as long lasting memento of any birthday, wedding or special event, especially when personalised with the recipient's name and a perfectly crafted message. Order your glass block to see how such a gift can brighten up someone's day. These wonderful 3d glass gifts make an excellent memento of an occasion or event, or just simply a token of appreciation to that special someone.
  1. Two Hearts Engraved Glass Keepsake
  2. Christening Engraved Glass Keepsake
  3. Home is Where Mum is Personalised Glass Keepsake 11
  4. Personalised Glass Block - Queen Bee 11
  5. Personalised Glass Keepsake - Flippin Fantastic Architect
  6. Engraved His Lordship Glass Keepsake
  7. Engraved Her Ladyship Glass Keepsake
  8. Personalised Glass Block - First Communion 11
  9. Personalised Loving Reindeers Glass Keepsake 11
  10. Mummy Personalised Glass Keepsake 11
  11. Personalised Red Heart Glass Keepsake 11
  12. Personalised Glass Block - Love Bubbles 11