Personalised In Loving Memory & Memorial Gifts

Embrace the cherished memories of your loved ones with our compassionate selection of personalised memorial gifts, bereavement gifts, and in loving memory keepsakes. Our extensive range encompasses personalised photo frames, custom candles, vases, and more, each item uniquely customisable with a special photo or message. Craft a lasting tribute to honour and preserve your cherished memories with a loved one who is sadly no longer with you.

Finding Comfort in Bereavement: Meaningful Memorial Gifts


Our curated collection of personalised memorial gifts, including bespoke remembrance gifts and in loving memory keepsakes, stands as a tender tribute to those we hold dear. Navigate the delicate terrain of bereavement with our carefully crafted gifts designed to provide solace and comfort during difficult times. Let us guide you through this emotional journey and assist you in commemorating them with these beautiful and emotionally significant keepsakes.


Memorial Gifts for Grandparents


Our collection of memorial gifts honours grandparents' timeless love and wisdom. These personalised keepsakes, like engraved frames and in loving memory slate hearts, pay heartfelt tribute to those who left an indelible mark on our lives. Let these thoughtful memorials remind you of the cherished moments and enduring bond shared with your beloved nan & grandad.


Memorial Gifts for Parents


In the quiet space left by the loss of a parent, our memorial gifts offer a compassionate way to commemorate and celebrate their enduring love. From personalised ceramic plates to engraved keepsake boxes, each item is a touching expression of remembrance and gratitude. Our custom memorial keepsakes for mums and dads aim to provide a source of comfort, allowing you to hold onto the precious memories and lessons relayed by your parents.


Memorial Gifts for Siblings


When a sibling bond transcends this life, our memorial gifts provide comfort and a tangible link to your shared memories. Engraved wooden book boxes and memorial pillar candles honour your unique connection and keep your memory alive. Our collection of keepsakes will allow you to find thoughtful ways to cherish your beloved brother or sister.


Memorial Gifts for Friends


For friends who have become family, personalised memorial gifts provide a touching way to cherish the memories of those no longer with us. Whether through personalised in loving memory candles or personalised jewellery, each item is a heartfelt tribute to the laughter, adventures, and shared moments.


Memorial Gifts for Pets


Our selection of personalised memorial gifts goes beyond close family and friends; we also extend our heartfelt offerings to those who have lost a cherished pet. From personalised keyrings to a bookmark with the pet's photo on, you can keep the memory of your furry friend alive with our touching selection of personalised pet memorial gifts.


At Personalised Gifts Shop, we recognise the deeply personal and emotional nature of commemorating a loved one's life so we have a keepsake to suit everyone.